CLassic Games

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Driveway Games Classics: Horseshoes (#CLHORS-00154)

Driveway Games Classics: Horseshoes™ livens up any outdoor party; from graduations to camping, this has been a family favorite for decades! Made of the highest quality materials, the set includes everything you need to hold a competitive horseshoe contest in any outdoor space. The game includes two solid-steel silver stakes and four horseshoes--two blue and two grey. Each horseshoe is made of steel and weighs a regulation 2 pounds 8 ounces.

  • Complete Game Set

  • High Quality Steel, Regulation Weight Horseshoes

  • Durable and Handy Storage Bag


Driveway Games Classics: Croquet (#CLCROQ-00152)

Driveway Games Classics: Croquet™ Perfect for family gatherings and backyard fun, Croquet has long been a leisurely or competitive favorite.  DG Classics Croquet is a 6-Player set including everything you need for friendly competition. It includes six 24-inch hardwood handles, six 7-inch mallets with caps, two stakes, nine wickets, and six balls. A deluxe carry bag is included for easy storage and allows you to tote the set along to barbecues and afternoons in the park.

  • Complete Game Set 

  • High Quality wood mallets, and polymer balls

  • Deluxe Carry Case for maximum portability

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Driveway Games Classics: Bocce Ball (#CLBOCC-00153)

Driveway Games Classics: Bocce Ball™ makes a great companion whether you’re camping, barbecuing at a friend’s house, or picnicking with family. To play, simply toss the pallino any distance, then take turns trying to toss, roll, or throw the bocce balls as close as possible to the target. One of the oldest forms of lawn bowling, bocce can be played almost anywhere on a variety of surfaces, and is suitable for all ages. The Classic bocce set also offers two different scoring patterns. 

  • Full Game Set

  • High Quality Resin, 90mm balls & 40 mm Pallino

  • Durable and Handy Storage Bag

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Driveway Games Classics: Badminton (#CLBDMT-00151)

Driveway Games Classics: Badminton™ includes everything you need to play competitive badminton in your backyard; beach; anywhere. The set starts with a deluxe net that’s secured by telescoping PVC poles. The poles measure a regulation 5 feet 1 inch on each side, while the sleeve-style net measures 20 feet long by 1-1/2 feet tall. Our net is easy to stabilize - a real problem with outdoor badminton nets - thanks to the double-guide rope system, tension clips, pole anchors, and stakes. For Game play, the set comes with 3 shuttlecocks and 4 tempered steel rackets with padded grips.

  • Complete Game Set

  • High Quality, Regulation Equipment

  • Deluxe Carry Case for maximum portability