Corntoss Game: Rules and Setup Guide

Object: Play with 2-4 players. Be the first player or team to score 21 points by tossing more bean bags through the hole, or on the board top, than

your opponent.

Equipment & Setup:

1. 2 Corntoss Target Boards- Spaced 27 feet apart (front to front)

2. 8 All Weather Bean Bags- 4 each of 2 different colors

Game Play:

1. Corntoss- Bean Bag Games can be played by two players or four players divided into two teams.

2. A game consists of a series of rounds with scoring taking place at the end of each round. A round consists of all eight bean bags being

tossed at the opposite board.

3. Players on each team shall take position alongside opposite targets, thus each partner will compete against an opponent from the other


4. Each team chooses a color bean bag and shall toss all four bags of this color each round.

5. All eight bags start at one target and a coin flip determines which team shall toss first.

6. The player with honors tosses one bean bag at the opposing target.

7. A player may toss from anywhere behind the front edge of the target they are tossing from.

8. The round continues by alternating tosses between the two opponent players until all eight bags have been tossed.

9. Scoring is done at the end of each round (See Scoring).

10. Players at the opposing end now toss the bags back to compete in the next round. The team that scored last has honors and shall toss

first in each round.

11. Play continues until one team reaches 21 points.


1. The score is tallied at the end of each round (tossing all 8 bags).

2. Players only score the difference between the highest and lowest player’s score. For example, the Red team’s bags add up to 7 points

while the Blue team’s bags add up to 5 points. The Red team is awarded 2 points for the round (7-5=2).

3. The team that scores is given honors and tosses first in the next round. If players tie, this is called a “Wash” and no points are awarded.

The next round is started by the same team who last scored.


5. In the hole- 3 points are scored for bags landing in the hole, even if falling or being pushed in the hole by other bags later in the round.

6. On the board- 1 point is scored for each bag that lands on the board top, is hanging over the hole, or hanging off the edge but is not

touching the ground.


1. Foot Fault- Player may not step beyond the front edge of their game platform when throwing. If this occurs that bag does not count for

any points!

2. Scratch- A bean bag that lands anywhere other than the target top, or through the hole, is a Scratch and does not count for any points.

3. Bags that touch the ground before landing on the target top must be removed before play continues.

4. If a bag is pushed off the target by another bag during play the bag no longer counts, only bags on the board top and in the hole at the

end of each round count for scoring.

Safety Precautions- Never sit, stand, or put any heavy object on the target boards as this may damage the target and could cause injury.

Targets are ONLY designed to support the weight of the bags! Never use the game or components other than to play the game as intended.